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Available on May 3Rd

Play during the beta to unlock unique rewards !

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Beyond the Void is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with RTS (real time strategic game) elements.

In a one-versus-one battle against another player, your are in control of one Mothership, among the most powerful warships in the universe. You can customize your Mothership with Skills, and can shape the map with Event cards.


Jump in ranked game and earn your place among the bests!

Unlock content

Play for free, earn game points and unlock content along the way !

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Customize your experience

Motherships are the most powerful warships in the galaxy. Each mothership has unique strengths and weaknesses. In addition to its unique design, a mothership has two powerful skills: An ultimate and a passive.

Mix motherships and skills to customize your gameplay.

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Event cards

Event cards can shape the world, change the rules, or bring content during the game.

Before the match starts, you can choose one or more event cards to play. Each card has an effect on the game. It will change your experience and the flow of the battlefield. Every week, several cards are available for you to play for free. If you want to unlock a card permanently, you can buy it in the shop.

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Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell your in-game items using Nexium tokens with no limit thanks to the decentralized Blockchain technology.

Find more about Nexium & Blockchain !

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Open beta . May 2017

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